Becoming a teacher…

March 12, 2008

In the process of doing my assignment on the  thinking skill,i have read many articles about thinking,and i found that it is really hard to teach a student to think.although they are many ways to teach them, but i still think that is very hard.There are too many process and sometimes even make me confuse what process is going on in my mind. However,it makes me having the initiatif to read more books and articles to learn more about thinking skills so that i can manage my thinking well ,as a result can teach my student well. 



March 12, 2008

Last time i feel very lazy to write blod because i am not very good in writing out wat im thinking in my mind.But now, we hav to write our blog also….cannot run from it.i think tat writing out our feeling and thinking is a good way for us to think about our metacognitive thinking,n how we organize smt in  our mind.That day when Dr. Rosseni introduced  this task to us,we really feel that it is a burden for us as we hav too many assignment to deal with.n we also feel it happen so sudden bz we never notice tat we hav to learn this in KBKK course.we even suspect tat Dr came to the wrong class,suppose to be teaknologi pendidikan,haha…every students were having? althought we hav many things to do,i still think tat this is a good place for us to speak out our feeling…n a place to relax…this sem really very buzy…until  everyday also feel sleepy n hungry…cz use too much of brain…haha!!anywhere,good luck to all the stressful people!